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15 January to 15 December

150  euro/night for two people in one bedroom. 30 euros/night for each additional guest. 

December 15 to January 15

200 euros/night for two people in one bedroom. 35 euros/night for each additional guest. 


Sheets, towels, bath towels and cleaning. A personal chef who prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner with ingredients purchased by you or at a cost of the ingredients. Driver with Nissan X-trail for maximum four people at cost of fuel plus extra Rs 2000 to Rex for lunch and extra Rs 3000 for evening drive.



Due to the personal nature of the villa, we only accept bookings with the names of all guests staying in Villa Margareta.

Maximum number of guests is six adults and two children under the age of twelve.

We reserve the right to reject people whose names are not on the booking.


In case of cancellation more than four weeks before the arrival date, half of the booking fee is refunded.

In case of cancellation less than four weeks before the arrival date, the booking fee is not refunded, but all other advance payment for your stay is refunded.

In case of cancellation less than two weeks before the arrival date, the booking fee is not refunded, but half of the advance payment. Except during the peak period between December 15 and January 15, when no fee is refunded.

Should, against all odds, Ceylon Retreat cancel your stay, both the booking fee and advance payment will be refunded.


By booking your stay with us, we assume that you respect the following rules:

*Not to change anything in the villa, put things on the walls, cause damage to the villa or the furnishings or remove furniture or furnishings from the villa.

*Not to use the villa for anything other than holiday accommodation for the guests named in the booking.

*Not to behave in a way that can be perceived as embarrassing for the villa's owner or neighbors and to respect the private areas that belong to each individual villa.

*To compensate the owners for abnormal soiling or wear and tear of the villa and its furnishings.

*To allow our representatives and/or the owners to enter and inspect the villa with or without craftsmen with reasonable advance notice (except in emergency situations where no advance notice is required) to remedy any problems that may arise during your stay.

*To report any errors, deficiencies or problems in the villa or its surroundings to the property manager as soon as possible.

*To confirm with our team before you leave the villa that it is in the same condition as when you arrived.

*Not to sublet the villa.

*Not to ask anyone in our team to leave the villa except to make purchases that you have agreed upon together and for which they have received funds.

*Not to take any of the villa's belongings outside the plot.

*No smoking in the villa.

*To respect the properties' common rules of order.


It is a requirement that each guest has their own travel insurance that covers loss and damage to personal belongings, as well as costs for doctor's visits, treatment, hospital stays and any journey home due to illness and or accident. By making your booking, you have accepted this requirement.


 Ceylon Retreat disclaims all responsibility for financial loss, or for loss or damage to our guests' belongings.  We also take no responsibility for any damage our guests may incur, whether they are on the property or outside. We work with many different companies for things like transport and accommodation and are in no way responsible for their conduct and any damages or losses that may arise in connection with them for any reason whatsoever.

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